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Clara Beau Jewelry

featuredimageClara Beau is a designer owned jewelry company based in the San Francisco Bay area. Their inspiration comes from vintage collections to make some really impressive modern pieces. Their look is truly unique in comparison to other trendy designers like Catherine Popesco or Anna Koplik. They carry the similar art deco style, while integrating it with an artisan look and affordable price. Clara Beau is the jewelry line featured in these images below! I guess it’s safe to say, it’s our jewelry line of choice.

Clara Beau is uniquely diverse line. You can get anything from dragon fly earrings, to a necklace that looks like it belongs to Queen Elizabeth! The jewelry works with many casual outfits, but is so perfect for that date night dress and heels. Let’s take a closer look at some of these pieces…The ring on the right is an exquisite piece of jewelry any gal would be lucky to wear on her finger. The gem in the middle is a vintage 1920s looking stone, surrounded by smaller stones that make the whole ring dazzling! The bracelets featured on the left can be found on Clara Beau’s Facebook. As soon as you put these on, you’ll feel as if you’re on the way to meet Jay Gatsby for a party at his house! And last, but definitely not least (because it is my favorite piece of jewelry) is the bracelet in the middle. You know that piece of jewelry you slip on and it just makes you feel like the prettiest movie star in the room? This is that piece of jewelry, ladies!

10003697_693435824035613_33914630_o    closeup-ring

As we already established, Clara Beau is similar in style to the popular line, Catherine Popesco. They are both vintage 1920s-inspired jewelry lines, however, Clara Beau may have the upper hand. For a comparison in prices, yourparismarket.com lists most Clara Beau items at the half the price of Popesco’s line. In my personal opinion, there is no sacrifice of quality for the price either.

So what are you waiting for? Today is the perfect day to treat yourself to a Clara Beau piece of jewelry! Stop by Coastal Hardware in the Kiln.

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