Coastal Hardware stocks plenty of items to beautifully decorate your home. We always keep our decorations up to date with the season and the latest trends! We also carry one of a kind, unique pieces we have handpicked with you in mind. Browse our gallery and you’ll see we’re definitely more than a hardware store!


While picking up your hardware needs, don’t forget we offer gifts for any occasion! Whether your cousin just got married, or your nephew has a christening, we’ve got you covered. Browse our beautiful gift section and stop by to pickup your one-of-a-kind gift today!


Your home is beautiful and it should smell that way! We carry locally made candles that will brighten up any living space. Enjoy the smell of being fabulous!

Specialty Foods

Coastal Hardware also carries specialty food items made by local individuals! Drop in to check out what unique item we’re carrying this week. Products range from homemade dips to unique flavored dipping oils. We just might surprise you!

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Storage, Fans, & Lighting

Brighten up your home with any of our light bulbs, wiring, fans, & more! We carry energy efficient bulbs that can help you conserve power and stay cooler. Our expert staff can assist you in any of your home fixture needs, just drop by our Customer Service desk!