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The Story Behind the Beads

We offer the best in jewelry and fashion. Simply because we know we’re so much more than a hardware store. But do you know how amazing the individual pieces are that we curate actually are? One line of jewelry we carry embodies their own mantra of being “more than” a jewelry line. Have you heard of Jilzarah yet? We are in love with this company.

The company was founded when owner Jill Manzara found herself divorced and struggling financially. She discovered an artisan technique that allowed her to design amazingly intricate clay beads, and she began to pour herself into this form of art. A self described optimist, Jill found these beads gave her a new hope. This became the hope she then wanted to share with the world.

Each bead is uniquely crafted by hand, so no two beads are ever the same. Manzara commented on the beads, “They are a result of a unique moment that is preserved and passed along, from the thoughts that inspired the design, to the hands that built the cane and rolled the beads, to the small gift shop owner who discovered them and displayed them in their store, to the person who received them as a gift.” Each piece is one of a kind just as each human life is different. “It’s this parallel that fuels my drive to design and create Jilzarah each and every day.”


The above graphic is a look at the design process of Jilzarah jewelry. This is definitely the type of quality we are proud to bring you at Coastal Hardware. Stay tuned for more hot items!

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