Coastal Hardware is proud to carry Yeti coolers! Yeti produces water bottles, coolers, and other outdoor equipment that is built to last. If you prefer something more stylish and fun, we also have a few unique coolers we promise you’ve never seen anywhere else! Browse our gallery and then drop by the store to pickup yours!



We bet you never would have guessed you can buy all the feed you need at a “Hardware” store! Coastal Hardware proudly carries the brands you trust to feed your pets. Our warehouse has feed for horses, rabbits, dogs, and more! Even if you need corn for hunting deer, we’ve got! Drop by today and check out our selection.


Fishing, Hunting & Riding

Coastal Hardware carries a little bit of everything when it comes to fishing, riding, and hunting. We’re from the Kiln, so it’s in our blood. We just can’t help it. Drop in during hunting season for some corn, or new camouflage gear. Stop by to pickup a rod and maybe you’ll hear someone talking about where the best fishing spots are! These are just some things that make us so much more than a “hardware” store.

Lawn and Garden

Lawn & Garden

Not only do we care about the structure of your home, the hardware of your home, and the decor of your home…we are care for your lawn too! We have purchased the best home gardening equipment around, so you can have the best lawn in town. Whether your lawn needs a full cut or a little trim, we’ve got you covered! We also carry products for your pesticide, irrigation, bird feeder, and raking needs.

Outdoor Decor

Outdoor Decor

After you’ve visited our Lawn & Garden section, swing by our decor area. You are bound to find something unique and just for you to jazz up your lawn or backyard. We shop for the season and often to find you furniture you’ll love. Come see what’s new at Coastal Hardware today!